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Thank you for asking this question.

Let me start of by saying that, God doesn’t send people to hell. Hell wasn’t created for people, it was created for the devil and his demons. However, people who deny God and choose the devil are those who end up in hell (with the devil), just like those who choose God will end up in Heaven (with God).
So, it isn’t really God that sends people to hell. It is people who choose where they want to spend their eternity – with God in Heaven or with the devil in Hell – and because God is love, he won’t force himself on anyone. Simply put, you have the freedom to choose where you want to go, and God will respect your choices.

Dear Friend, actions have consequences.
The consequence of sin according to the law of God is death, and The Bible says we are all born as sinners (because of Adam and Eve). This means that every man born into this world is already condemned to death. However, because God loves us very much, He sent Jesus to bear the punishment of eternal death for us. Jesus went to hell, so that we won’t have to go there and then He went up into Heaven to prepare a place for those who will choose him. Remember, it is all about choices. Will you accept that Jesus already took the punishment on your behalf and spend eternity with God in Heaven or will you deny that Jesus was punished for your sake, and bear the punishment yourself?

The choice is yours.