Tell the story your way

Design the characters in your style

Feeling boxed in?
Cut up the panels and create your own artboard.                                     

 You're the boss!

What if you could take a comic page and rewrite the story to suit your style?

Welcome to ArtFest!

1. Download the comic page - whole or fragmented.
2. Rearrange the comic panels to tell your story.
3. Add your speech bubbles where you want them.
4. Throw in some colour and pizzaz.
5. Hit "Submit".

The Top 10 entries will be featured on the website and promoted through our social media handles plus you also get a FREE GIFT once you sign up.

We'd like to give the top 10 entries bragging rights on our platforms so please put up your story on social media and tag us @inovela_ng on Instagram , Inovela on Facebook. or