Hi there,

Thank you for asking this question.
Let me start of by assuring you that how you feel is quite normal. Most people feel like they should be doing more than they are doing, and that’s okay. What’s not okay, is thinking that you can stay true and live for God by your willpower. That never works and it leaves you feeling like a failure every time. The more you feel like a failure, the easier it is for you to decide to not even try to please live for God.
So first things first; don’t try to please God by your willpower.

How then do you stay true, whether in church or outside church? By allowing God to help you.
See it this way, imagine you were given millions of dollars as an inheritance. In order to safeguard it, the money is kept in a secret place where no one knows but your father.
Your father says you can have any amount you want whenever you want, but you have to ask him first so that he can take you there.
Won’t you be eager to ask him for help?

Truth is, you were not created to help yourself. God is eager to help you live your best life, and He has said you can come to him anytime for help (whether in church or not). So all you need to do, is to learn to ask him for help.

Ask and you shall receive.